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Our Programs

The Floating Classroom's trained crew ensures a safe and engaging experience.  We tailor programs to meet specific needs, focusing on science and technology applications, local history and social contexts. 

  • field trips for schools and community groups
  • all-ages eco-cruises for residents and visitors
  • summer & after-school youth programs
We also offer a needs-based COMMUNITY ACCESS FUND to ensure that programs are affordable for all members of our community.
SEE OUR NEW SITE for planning & program information!

In collaboration with the Ithaca Youth Bureau, we proudly offer CAYUGA EXPLORERS. This four-day program encourages youth participants (ages 10 and up) to develop their interests with the help of our staff ecologists and lake experts.  Working together, our groups focus on lake science, nature and landscape art, storytelling or even history in a way that just can't be done on land. Youth participants will be invited to help host public eco-cruises and share their projects and experiences with the public.  We'll also have a chance to explore a few parks around the lake!

Session 1: June 27-30 (Monday thru Thursday; 8:30am-12:30pm)
Session 2: August 23-26 (Tuesday thru Friday; 8:30am-12:30pm)
                                                 Booking NOW for 2011!!
These programs encourage new friendships in an exciting new environment, and offer a chance to expand on Floating Classroom field trip experiences during the schoolyear. Additionally, many of our campers have never even been on Cayuga Lake prior to their Explorers experience, and we highly value the chance to provide lake access to everyone. One of the best things about camp, from our point of view, is that our instructional crew (three fully trained adults and teen interns) has a chance to get to know each of the participants (our session maximum is 24). As a result, the agenda for each session varies with the interests of the entire group.

REGISTRATION FORMS are available through the Youth Bureau.  
Click HERE to go to Ithaca Youth Bureau Camp Info Pages (scroll down to find Cayuga Explorers), or call (607) 273-8364.

  • General introduction to natural and human history of the lake, coupled with a hands-on, basic lake-monitoring event.  Basic field ecology and science-technology applications.
  • "Cayuga Eco-Lab" programs are particularly suitable for middle-school Life Sciences classes (adaptable to Earth Sciences, as well).  Student teams will  collect environmental data & observations to understand the nature of living systems in the lake.  Basic water quality and habitat parameters are coupled with biological observations.
  • "Advanced Studies" programs are suitable for high school & college-level classes and are designed to delve more deeply into specific aspects of lake systems, such as plankton taxonomy, population dynamics, environmental chemistry, lake  hydaulics and other topics.
Additionally, we work with Trout Unlimited to bring the nationally acclaimed, "Trout in the Classroom" program to area schools. For programming and booking information, go to, or Email

Every Thursday and Sunday - Guest presentations by local art and science experts and hands-on activities suitable for people of all ages.  Our goals is to make sure that everyone is well-acquainted with our Lake.  Great for visitors and residents alike. As we say... "It's Your Lake, Get to Know It!"   A complete schedule is available at

Fare:  $23/adults ; $21/seniors ; $17/children
With support from the Park Foundation, we are happy to be able to offer a $5 discount to all Cayuga Lake watershed residents this year ($18/adult ; $16/seniors ; $12/youth (ages 5-12)). 

"Community Access" Coupons:  Our goal is to make our Community Eco-Cruises financially sustainable and yet affordable for everyone.  With support from the Park Foundation we are able to offer free cruise coupons to ensure that this program is open to all, regardless of means.  Vouchers may be obtained simply upon request through Tiohero ticket office, or neighborhood community centers, including GIAC, Southside Community Center and the Village At Ithaca.

Summer & After-School Youth Programming: 
Charters and custom programs are available thoughout the spring, summer and fall for youth groups.  Multiple-cruise weekly programs, running 4-8 weeks are a great way to get to know Cayuga Lake!  Contact us for booking information.