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Cruise Prep

This page provides instruction of equipment, data and watershed concepts you may encounter on yoru Floating Classroom Cruise.  

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1.  Tracking Water Clarity & Temperature
Water clarity, as measured with the Secchi Disk, provides tremendous insight into lake processes.  We track water clarity throughout the season, linking our findings with water quality and biological events.  For an explanation of water clarity changes over the season, click on the link below!


Van Dorn Water Sampler Demo:

We've also found great sites related to what we do out on the Floating Classroom--  these are external links which will take you away from our blog...

Water Quality:
  • Click on the image to the right for an overview of the role of OXYGEN in water and the factors that control oxygen levels.  Good for wide age-range, 15 minutes!

Zooplankton Image Key:
Zooplankton Image Key
This is a really neat image-based plankton ID key with some amazing looking pictures of different kinds of zooplankton.

Secchi Disk Simulator:
Secchi Disk Simulater
Want to practice measuring lake clarity in different situations?? This is the tool for you! (works best in Internet Explorer)

Finger Lakes Geology & Topography 
(Cornell Geology Department)
This is a great set of interactive slides, illustrating the evoluation of our landscape around Cayuga Lake!

Cornell RUSS
Cornell has an up-to-the minute weather station (and research platform) on the lake, so you can check out the conditions right now!  [Unit it presently out of service!]