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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

HYDRILLA - We Need Your Help!

The Future For Cayuga??
Last night's public meeting on hydrilla in the Cayuga Inlet focused largely on meeting permitting requirements for upcoming herbicide applications.  Unfortunately, it is becoming clear that other aspects of the proposed hydrilla plan are in danger of not happening at all. 

Monitoring, in particular, is critical, as we do not know (a) the extent of the hydrilla incursion, or (b) the present character of the plant community in southern Cayuga Lake.  Without this information, we will not be able to assess the impact or efficacy of herbicide applications to our lake and water supply.  In fact, the presence of hydrilla in the lake itself, would tell us that the use of herbicides in the Inlet is nearly pointless, and hydrilla will simply return to the inlet from the lake.

A good part of the problem here stems from the fact that our State Senators, Nozzolio, Seward & O'Mara have failed to follow through on funding promised back in March!  Further, our local officials are all too willing to wait for the State to pick up the tab... but ultimately it will be our community that pays to price if hydrilla gets out of hand. 

Our State reps., and our local elected officials need to hear from you on this!  We've posted letter templates and contact info on www.floatingclassroom.netLet's make some noise!

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